Write Out of the Darkness

Once upon a time, I kept another blog.

And, I loved it.

I loved my followers, the people who commented, the people who shared their heart – on their pages and mine, the people I got to interact with.

But… in an ironic twist of fate (you would understand if you read any of that blog), I found myself temporarily homeless.

And, I lost my password.

So I requested a new one.

But… When I couldn’t produce proof the blog was mine (via a receipt for a purchased upgrade which never happened or the initial WordPress welcome email), I got locked out of my blog.

I have a home now.

I found my password and log-in information.

But it is too late.

I am permanently locked out.

And, I couldn’t start a new blog because… everything associated with my email address on wordpress is locked.

So, I started a new blog, started writing again under a pseudonym.

But you know what?

I love my new blog just as much.

(Curious about the old one? It is locked for editing and new posts but is completely open for viewal/reading.)


4 thoughts on “Write Out of the Darkness”

  1. Glad to find you again, Terri (with Beth’s help). I enjoyed your old blog and wondered what had happened to you. I myself am not blogging much these days but I pop in every once in a while. I’m glad you found a solution!

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  2. I was locked out of my Muliebral Viewpoint when the host website updated and upgraded at the same time. I absolutely could not restore photos and many posts, but eventually a good friend helped me find a way to “export” my blog to a new one. It is possible. You may have to rename it, but you can recover everything.
    Google the old blog and see a tiny down arrow beside the name. That will be the last time it was “cashed” (whatever that means) and you can copy some files from there. It is best if you can log in to export.


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