T-Sizzles’s Acquisition of Psuedo-Children

Most of my old blog contained inconsequential thoughts and ideas. It isn’t a big loss and I’m sure no one is looking for it. However, my series about taking homeless street musicians into our home garnered a fair amount of attention. And, on occasion, various bloggers have emailed me asking for updates.

So… in case you were looking for the series,

Or wanted to read about what happens when you invite homeless street musicians into your home,

Or were curious about how to provide a stable environment for street kids while your whole life is falling apart,

Or simply wanted to know who T-Sizzle is …

Here you are…

Part 1: Absolutely Clueless…

Part 2: That young man is homeless

Part 3: Wait… There is also a girlfriend / fiancé

Part 3.5: Wherein M shares his story

Part 4: God wants us to help them… what

Part 5: Trying to crawl out of the pit but…

Part 6: Knowing God and recognizing His voice

Part 7: Making your actions match your words

Part 8: Moving in

Part 9: God Provides

Part 10: Re-parenting Adult children

Part 11: Jobs and medical issues

Part 12: Tough Conversations

Part 13: Crestfallen aka Are they ready

Part 14: E gets clever aka Don’t tell M

Part 15 (That’s All Folks)

Or is it?



5 thoughts on “T-Sizzles’s Acquisition of Psuedo-Children”

  1. So your homeless pair is expecting a child, and the “musicians” are multiplying? You are a brave soul. My prayer will be that your grown biological children will not be so concerned for your safety they inadvertently cause you grief (Matthew 25:31-45).
    BTW, if you are taking your old blog down, I will miss it. I hope it hangs on at least for a while, until I can read more.


    1. I didn’t take it down. I wanted to add to it but WordPress locked me out when I requested password assistance. 😦

      But… it’s okay. I started this one. And… I’ve re-found most of the bloggers I loved to follow. ❤


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