Hidden me

Oh well…

Hey there!


You, uh…

You clicked on “About.”

That means you want to know more about me, huh?

Wow…! Really?!

I’m flattered but…


Like most of you, I’m a bit of an introvert.

A lot of an introvert, really.

And… I’m bleeding my heart on your screen, here!

And… we hardly know each other!

That makes me a bit vulnerable, ya know?!


Let’s see….

I’m a mom.

Not of little kids.

Big ones.

A 23 year old and a 21 year old.

A daughter and a son.

One is a singer / composer / actor / musical theater history guru and karaoke superstar.

The other a guitarist / bassist / Irish bazouki  specialist / composer with a penchant for cooking.

Both can kick my rear end in Canasta, Garth, and Cards Against Humanity.

(We believe in diverse interests.)

One is done with college.

The other is almost done.

They both work professional, career-type jobs.

One in Human Resources.

One in Medical Engineering.

They each have their own apartment (with roommates, of course. )

Their father is… well… He is not in my life anymore for good reasons and… their relationships are their own to manage. That means we aren’t going to talk about him here.

(Or at least, not anymore. I know I talked about him in earlier posts. I’m in a better, healthier, less-hurt, more adult place now.)

Suffice it to say, they both learned resilience for a reason.

On September 9, 2017, I will be marrying the love of my life.

Literally the love of my life.

My whole, entire life.

(I’ll tell you more in a minute.)

But that also means, on September 9, 2017, I will also become a step-mom to my fiance’s 26 year old son whom I adore.

He is a former competitive biker and current history / music nut and life-long gear head who spends time building and racing RC cars and playing with a regular group of friends (including his dad ❤ ) on XBox One.

He is a professional fencer.

Like ‘fences make good neighbors’ fencer. Not an Olympic swordsman.

(Although that would be really cool!)

And I have never seen anyone work so hard in my entire life.

He is a well-adjusted, self-reliant grown-up doesn’t really need anything from me.

So… whenever he lets me, I just feed him.

A lot!

(When he lets me. 😉 )


My story?

Our story?

The literal love of my life story?


The thing is,

it may be better told in a different way.


(If it started auto-playing while you were reading ^^^ that stuff? Flip to the slide that starts with “Once upon a time, there was a girl….”)



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You’re still here!?


Oh! You just wanted to know about the blog name?


This is what I was thinking… 🙂

Chance Blossoms 4

Chance Blossoms

The trees in the garden rained flowers.

Children ran there joyously.

They gathered the flowers

Each to himself.

Now there were some

Who gathered great heaps —

Having opportunity and skill —

Until, behold, only chance blossoms

Remained for the feeble.

Then a little spindling tutor

Ran importantly to the father, crying:

“Pray, come hither!

See this unjust thing in your garden!”

But when the father had surveyed,

He admonished the tutor:

“Not so, small sage!

This thing is just.

For, look you,

Are not they who possess the flowers

Stronger, bolder, shrewder

Than they who have none?

Why should the strong —

The beautiful strong —

Why should they not have the flowers?”

Upon reflection, the tutor bowed to the ground,

“My lord,” he said,

“The stars are displaced

By this towering wisdom.”

by Stephen Crane

If you would like to know more about me personally, check out the About page on my original blog “Write Out of the Darkness( (isaiah 61)

Woman standing in a dessert making a heart with her hands. She looks through and sees leaves where there are none.


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