Ummm… So This Just Happened…


Two dozen roses. Delivered to my office. With no card.  I googled the company on the box and let them know via their live chat that the card was forgotten.  Apparently, this was intentionally an anonymous delivery. The customer service tech also let me know that the flowers were cut two days ago from a sustainable farm on the side of an active volcano in Ecuador. (Okay… who does that?!?!)

They are gorgeous and the smell is unbelievable. But…. I don’t know how I feel about this. Who sent them? A friend who just wanted to make me happy knowing I am having a hard time? A stalker? My kids? Hmmmm…. It isn’t my birthday. There isn’t anything monumental happening in my life that would call for a gift or an apology. It can’t be any of you as I blog under a pseudonym.

Man! But they are gorgeous! I think I will simply accept them and enjoy them.

However, I will also be very diligent and observant just in case…

(And… I enrolled in a Krav Maga class. 😉 )


2 thoughts on “Ummm… So This Just Happened…”

  1. I found out who sent the flowers!

    An old friend of mine apparently originally ordered and paid for the flowers intending them to be for his girlfriend a while ago as a regularly scheduled delivery. But… she broke it off before they were delivered but after the cancellation deadline. They wouldn’t let him cancel the order but did let him change the delivery address. He says he wasn’t trying to be inappropriate or creepy. He just wanted to send them to someone who would appreciate them and who likely hadn’t gotten flowers in a while. He texted me when he didn’t see anything on Facebook as he was worried I may have been out of the office and not have gotten them.

    So… sad and sweet all at the same time. But… not a stalker. >phew<

    (Still staying enrolled in the Krav Maga class, though!)

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